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Supportive Community. Caring Coaches. Smart Programming.
Life is best when you feel your best.
We are excited to work with individuals of all athletic abilities.


What Our Members Say


Once I started at CFK, I learned what it felt like to move well. That feeling combined with being in the best shape of my life is pretty motivating.


I feel better after completing a workout and I love seeing my improvements now to when I first started. That feeling of bettering myself gives me confidence to push myself harder the next day. CrossFit can be tough, but we have awesome coaches to help you understand the movements and great people to cheer you on during every workout!


I would tell anyone thinking about starting to definitely give it a try! I was worried that I wouldn't be strong enough or competitive enough to do CrossFit but I love coming and pushing myself and surprising myself with what my body can do. Also, the people are so amazing and encouraging and miraculously make sweating your a** off fun!

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