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Drop Ins (Experienced CrossFitters)

Our Policy:

1) Please send your request 24 hours in advance using the "Contact Us" link below and let us know what class you would like to attend as reservations are required.  


2) Please let us know the name of your home box, coach and months/years of experience.  We want to make sure your training with us is safe and productive.


3) Class starts promptly so please arrive about 15 minutes before.  

4) Our Pricing is $20 per class.  Please prepay ahead of time, select the class and complete the waiver through "Drop In Prepay" so all the paperwork is taken care of before you arrive. 


5) If you are a local CrossFitter, we invite you to check us out and the $20 drop in charge will be applied to your first month membership if you decide to join!

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