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Our focus is to help Members take an hour to themselves three to five days a week so they can show up healthier and happier in other areas of their lives. And contrary to popular belief, ANYONE can do CrossFit. You don't have to be fit to start. No matter how old you are, or your current level of fitness, we are ready to help you make a life change! 

All you need is a desire to improve your fitness and health! 



Option 1 - "I'm Super New!"  We have a "Try A Class" designed specifically to introduce you to the basics of  CrossFit Kalamazoo and will include a short WOD (work out of the day).  It's a great way to "kick the tires" and see if we are the right fit for you!

During the 1 hour class, you'll talk to your Coach about your goals, get in a great workout in a small group setting that will be set at the intensity and pace that is right for you.  This class is scheduled with a Coach so please call or contact us so we can get you on the schedule.

It is the first class of our On-Ramp Program and once you are done with this class, you'll move on to finish your On-Ramp!

Option 2 - "I Have Experience Working out at a CrossFit gym
Already have CrossFit experience?  We're so glad you want to join CFK! Please schedule a Try A Class and you will be able to join one of our regular WODs!

Option 3 - "I Have Experience Doing CrossFit workouts on my own" If you would like to Test Out, this is an option for you. This option is for individuals who have been doing CrossFit workouts on their own and are already familiar with the movements.  This is 1 hour session with our Head Coach, and once you've proven mastery of the movements, you'll move on to join our regular class!



For those just starting their CrossFit journey, our On-Ramp program is required for ALL new members prior to entering regular classes. The program consists of four (4) sessions that can be completed as soon as you are able to.

The purpose of these classes is:

  • to ensure knowledge and safety of the movements

  • to review the CrossFit Methodology

  • to review the various fundamental CrossFit movements

  • to introduce the Olympic lifts

  • to discuss nutrition

  • to complete various short workouts


All newbies must attend all four (4) sessions in order to move on to regularly scheduled classes.

The On-Ramp program is set up as a 6 week program and includes 4 weeks of unlimited classes once you complete the 4 On-Ramp classes (best value).  Or you can complete the 4 On-Ramp Classes as a standalone and then transition to a monthly membership.

Upon completing your On-Ramp, you will be prepared to transition into our group classes.



One hour...3 to 5 times a week. With time, effort, and consistency you will reach your goals!  

Whether you start with us as a newbie or come in as an experienced CrossFitter, as you work toward your goals you'll also find that what we offer at CrossFit Kalamazoo is about more than just fitness.  Yes, you will get a great workout every time you come in.  AND you will amaze yourself when you see what you are capable of.  What you take with you when you leave after class though: joy, confidence, the weight of stress lifting from your shoulders, a clear head, peace…is so much more important!

We can't wait to be a part of your story!

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