Ditch the fad diets and conflicting advice and let us help you make sustainable changes to your lifestyle that will leave you looking, feeling and performing better. We believe health and fitness is 80% nutrition and 20% exercise, so you’re missing the big picture if you’re not focused on what and when you eat. Making lasting lifestyle choices isn’t always easy, but it is simple.


Our WAG Certified Nutrition Coach (Coach Paige Fecker) will  help you assess what you’re eating and will guide you to reach your goals. She will also teach you about meal prepping, weighing, tracking and more. It will be a collaborative effort as you work together and focus on ways for you to improve your relationship with food in a way that is sustainable and works for you since no two bodies are the same!


You're here because you want to change yourself for the better!   

It could be you want to:

  • lose fat and learn how to keep it off

  • eat healthier without giving up your favorite foods

  • figure out how to eat healthier automatically without stress

  • live a healthier life full of energy with less worry about illness and disease

  • improve your athletic performance and fuel your body to maximize progress in your training

  • gain serious muscle mass and strength without gaining too much fat

  • improve your relationship with food and get control of your eating habits

  • be proud of and love the body  you're in



  • Our Nutrition Coach wants to help you take action and take ownership and control of your nutrition. She'll help you do that by sharing what she's learned over the years (and continues to learn) that has enabled her to be successful with her nutrition.  

  • Accountability and Tracking Progress

  • Our Nutrition Coach's role is to create an environment that allows you to be successful. Working together, you'll incorporate a variety of resources, tracking sheets, and tools to measure, record and assess progress to help you see your success (which is not the number on the scale) and to help you stay on track.




Answer a few questions so we can get to know you!



Our Nutrition Coach will review your questionnaire and contact you and guide you through the steps.  She has been in your shoes and understands!



Then your Nutrition Coach will tell you how many grams of protein, fats and carbs you need to consume daily to reach them.

"I’ve been in your shoes.  A couple years ago, I realized my nutrition was not be where it needed to be.   After personally working with a WAG Coach, and becoming trained myself as a WAG Certified Coach,  I now realize I was paddling with one oar in the water. I had my fitness routine on track but my nutrition was not.

The appeal of the Working Against Gravity plan is its focus on macros (carbs, protein, fat). AND incorporating a “flexible diet” approach.  What is a flexible diet?  It’s just like it sounds, it’s flexible.  No restrictions.  Once you restrict something from your diet, you have immediately set yourself up for failure.  With flexible eating, you make food choices to meet your macros and there are no limitations to what you want to eat.  

After witnessing the effect practicing sustainable nutrition had on changing how I looked, how I lived my life, and how I felt about myself, I realized I wanted to teach others what I had learned.  My goal is to share my knowledge learned over the years and help people like you make a true lasting change to your life, health and body and guide you down a path to create your own success!"  - Coach Paige (CF-L1 Trainer, WAG Certified Nutrition Coach)

Simple. This is the nutrition program that’s trusted by the pros. CrossFit champions, Olympic lifters and professional athletes are among some of WAG’s loyal members. If it’s worked for them, then it’ll work for you. Stick with it and you’ll see results like the 15,000 others who have changed their lives with this program.



  • Learn how to track your food and use tracking apps

  • Learn what your body needs in order to feel and perform at its best

  • Gain an understanding of serving sizes, quality and nutritional composition of your favorite dishes

  • Establish habits and routines

  • Learn about yourself and your tendencies with food – emotions, triggers, cravings, etc.

  • Develop a positive relationship with food

  • Experience first-hand the importance of consistency to see the best possible results

  • Guidance as you work through the initial discomfort of tracking your food, eating at restaurants, eating at social gatherings, and dealing with peer pressure

*Results may vary. Following your coach’s guidelines is required for best results.


Experience the benefits of one-on-one nutrition while working with a Working Against Gravity Certified Coach. Our Nutrition Coach will work with you to develop a plan to reach your goals. And, by the “end,” you’ll become the expert. It’s an investment worth making in your health — one that buys earned results.

  1. $100 Per month CFK Members/$120 Per Month Non CFK Members

  2. Weekly online check-ins with your coach

  3. Guaranteed 24/hr response time

  4. ​Knowledge base full of exclusive macro-counting education

  5. The same nutrition program that’s helped over 15,000 people reach their health and fitness goals

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