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Class Schedule (updated 6.4.23)

Our schedule for Coached Group Classes is below.  Open Gym is available at any regular WOD time for those that have the standard unlimited membership.  See more info below regarding 24/7 option!



  • Mon, Wed, Friday - 5;30AM

  • Mon - Friday 4:15PM

  • Mon – Friday 5:15PM 

  • Mon, Wednesday, Thursday 6:15pm

  • Saturday – 10:00AM 

This is a group CrossFit class lead by a Coach.  The class begins with a warm-up, includes a skill/strength element and we finish with a WOD (workout of the day).   



  • Tuesday 6:15PM


This class is tailored for those wanting to learn and improve their skills in the Olympic lifts - the Snatch and the Clean & Jerk.  The Coach will lead you through a warmup, go over the movement instruction with a PVC pipe or light weight and then lead you through various drills designed to help you improve and master your technique.  Each athlete works at the weight of their choice. This is for beginners to experienced athletes and is a very welcoming  and fun environment for anyone looking to improve their lifts!



  • Our Unlimited Monthly includes Open Gym anytime during regular WOD or Oly class hours

  • Our Unlimited Monthly + 24/7 Membership - you'll be able to schedule Open Gym at any time.

  • While we have plenty of room for experienced CrossFitters and Weightlifters who follow their own programming - priority of equipment and space will always be given to the scheduled class.


This is unsupervised training for current athletes who are experienced with CrossFit or have lifting experience. This is for the athlete with specialized goals (example strength, Olympic lifts, upcoming competitions) or for athletes looking to make up a missed WOD. This is not for the brand new athlete who is still learning the basic CrossFit movements.


  •  Please contact us for Pricing and for more information on 24/7 Access for those who are interested in working out at times not designated for WODs, Open Gym and OLY Class. 

ON-RAMP/Try A Class Time

(for CrossFit Newbies)

  • Mon - Thursday 5:15PM or 6:15PM

  • Friday 5:15PM

  • Saturday 10:00AM

If you are new to CrossFit, this class does need to be scheduled as you will be meeting 1:1 with a Coach!

Experienced CrossFitters looking to check us out can Try A Class by signing up to join any regular scheduled WOD/OLY Class.


  •  We have all the equipment needed for any CrossFit style workout.

  • We have plenty of space for the traditional CrossFit Athlete looking for a great WOD, the CrossFit Athlete that needs flexible access due to their schedule, the fire breathers looking to enhance their CrossFit skills, the Olympic Lifters looking for a place to lift. 

  • We have plenty of running space with the KVRT right outside our front door.

  • We are located close to downtown Kalamazoo.


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